minstrel: A filk attempt

Heather Renee Holsclaw holscla1 at pilot.msu.edu
Fri Apr 25 12:23:22 PDT 1997

If I may delurk for a moment to post my humble attempt....

This is my first real attempt at filk, done around early December before my
persona change.

Naarah Feyffelmann
Tune: "North Country Maid" found on Mariann Faithfull's "Go Away From My
      World" album
Lyricist: Naarah bat Yitzhak Feyffelmann ('cause I was then)

A young Jewish maid
>From her homeland has strayed
Now her shtetl is gone
And her family's passed on
She's done well for herself
And anon she gathered pelf
Made the world hers to roam
And Northwoods her home

Hear Naarah Feyffelmann cry,
"I've silks and spices here to buy,
The finest jewelry for you
For a shekel or two!"

>From Germany she roams
To Persia's high domes
Selects incense to gain
Royal money from Spain.
Wins at archery in Wales
Amongst the verdant hills and dales
Thence she sails off to France
To learn a new courtly dance.

Hear Naarah Feyffelmann say,
"If you need money today,
I'll gladly lend it to you
Of course, with interest due."

I wrote another one this week about Pennsic to Da Yoopers' "Chiquito War".
However, given the obsurity of the tune, I'll be happy to post it if I'm begged
sufficiently.  :)

Desdemona Benbow

         *                 Heather R. Holsclaw|        Desdemona
 YYYYYYY  *             holscla1 at pilot.msu.edu|         Benbow
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  |___|YYYYYYYYYYYYY    ______________________|______________________
 /_/_\_\   n    n  |        "When we lose the right to be different,
|___n___|__________|         we lose the privilege to be free."
 Household Starkeep                      -- Charles Evans Hughes

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