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Ed Hopkins Ed.Hopkins at MCI.Com
Fri Apr 25 09:46:00 PDT 1997

> Alfredo el Bufon wrote:
> >>I don't like the terms "Heavy Weapons Fighter" or "Class-A Fighter"
> >>to refer to all those who wield Rattan.  [...] I have
> >>decided to use the term "Knight" to refer to any such fighter.
> Edwin replied:
> >Hmmm, the "Knights" with white belts and gold chains may not like that, 

Do they object when someone without white belt and chain is named
Knight Marshall?

Herr Karl-Faustus von Aachen replied (to Edwin),
> I always found that offending The Chivalry is not sufficient reason to stop
> doing something - tho it may be sufficient reason to start!  I shall follow
> Alfredo's example, differentiating always among knights errant (ie
> "unbelted" fighters), squires (ie squires), knights of the Laurel (ie
> Laurels), knights of the Pelican (ie Pelicans) and knights of the Chivalry
> (ie white-belted fighters).  It's immediately simpler, more authentic and
> more symmetrical - and it'll annoy the pretentious and amuse the amusing:
> an ideal design!

This _improves_ upon my example.  I especially like the "knight
errant" bit -- I was a litle uncomfortable with "knight sans-a-belt".
The only change I'd suggest is to call squires "knights bachelors".

-- el Senor Alfredo el Bufon
As much valour is to be found in feasting as in
fighting, and some of our city captains and carpet
knights will make this good, and prove it.
                    -- Robert Burton (1576-1640)

Carpet knights are men who are by the prince's grace
and favour made knights at home.... They are called
carpet knights because they receive their honours in
the court and upon carpets.
                    -- Markham: Booke of Honour (1625). 

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