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Muirgheal leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
Fri Apr 25 09:42:54 PDT 1997

>I find this discussion quite amusing.  So shall we start limiting ourselves
>by definitions?
>If we limit "Bardic" to what we commonly see at SCA "Bardic Circles," we'll
>be stuck with copying each other's work and singing old Simon and Garfunkle

The point of the disscussion was that we don't have to label something as 
'bardic' in order to do or appreciate it.  I don't have to say that a juggler 
is singing or a dancer is juggling, in order to enjoy either of them.  Why 
should we call everything we want to see done 'bardic'?

Name: Lesley Anne Baker
E-mail: leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
04/25/97     09:42:54

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