minstrel: Fyrewalking and hospitality

Edwin Hewitt brogoose at pe.net
Thu Apr 24 22:40:42 PDT 1997

>On Tue, 22 Apr 1997, barbara shuwarger wrote:
>> I've been meaning to ask this for quite some time:  What in the world is
>> fyrewalking?

Fyrewalking can be the voluntary service a performer gives to many camps
at an event.  The event does not need to have a campfire.

Fyrewalking can also be the activities of a "Bard" whose main goal 
is not to perform, but to get free food and ego gratification.

One sure way to tell one from another is thus:  If they offer their service
freely and ask nothing but your ear, then give unto them bountifully.  If 
they hold their talents hostage pending food and drink - let them go hungry.

If you walk into a private camp and then tell them that bards expect to
be gifted, then you are a boor and a churl.  You insult your host and

If you give a performance freely, and are rewarded freely then both bard
and host are exalted.  This is the time to tell of the greatness of the


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