minstrel: Definition of Bardic

Edwin Hewitt brogoose at pe.net
Thu Apr 24 22:52:20 PDT 1997

At 12:51 PM 4/23/97 -0400, Ed Hopkins wrote:
>I don't like the terms "Heavy Weapons Fighter" or "Class-A Fighter"
>to refer to all those who wield Rattan.  They are, as Og would
>say, un-spiff.  (I would say the terms are not wlonk.)  But I
>just get blank stares when I say "cataphract".  Therefore, I have
>decided to use the term "Knight" to refer to any such fighter.
>(As opposed to "Musketeer", who fights with epee or foil.)
>It helps avoid confusion.
>-- Alfredo el Bufon

Hmmm, the "Knights" with white belts and gold chains may not like that, 
and would not the main weapon of a musketeer be a musket?  Ah, it all
gets so confusing....


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