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Edwin Hewitt brogoose at pe.net
Thu Apr 24 22:17:41 PDT 1997

At 09:47 AM 4/23/97 -0500, Muirgheal wrote:
>I don't use the term "bardic" to refer to all music.  I heard the Known 
>World Choir last Pennsic, and it was wonderful, but I don't really 
>think of it as "bardic", because I just can't picture something like 
>that at a bardic circle.
>   Muirgheal

I find this discussion quite amusing.  So shall we start limiting ourselves
by definitions?  A good thing, I suppose, for those who lack talent or 
breadth of experience.  I am NOT referring to Muirgheal, who I have never
met, by the way.

If we limit "Bardic" to what we commonly see at SCA "Bardic Circles," we'll
be stuck with copying each other's work and singing old Simon and Garfunkle
Belly dancing is common at the same fires as Bardic Circles, does this make it

A friend of mine did a work from Homer and was told by one "Bard" that such
work was inappropriate for SCA Bardic.  Strangely, everyone else seemed to
like it, including the King.  Why worry about catagorization.  If you can
sing, then sing.  If you can juggle, then do that.  If the only thing you
can do
is sit quietly and listen, then you're just as welcome at MY fire!


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