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Muirgheal leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
Thu Apr 24 14:20:33 PDT 1997

>>  Which music is that?  I've always heard that there is no known tune 
>>  for Twa Corbies, but there are a number of different tunes that that 
>>  music is now set to. 
>>  The music Twa Corbies is most often set to in the SCA is from an old 
>>  Saxon song (I think). 
>My question is, in the perspective of the person who told you "an old 
>Saxon tune", what is OLD to them?  The Victorians referred to 18th 
>century music as "OLD", and referred to 17th c music as "ANCIENT".
>The tunes that I have heard were probably written long after the Battle 
>of Hastings...and I don't know how influential the Saxon culture was 
>after 1066.  Being a Norman :) may bias me a bit.
>MKA K. Penney

I don't know a specific date, but the language was Old English rather than 
Middle English.

-And it took a while after the Battle of Hastings for the Saxon and Norman 
cultures to merge into each other.


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04/24/97     14:20:33

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