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Katherine Penney Katherine_Penney at ccm.jf.intel.com
Thu Apr 24 10:44:00 PDT 1997

>  Which music is that?  I've always heard that there is no known tune 
>  for Twa Corbies, but there are a number of different tunes that that 
>  music is now set to. 
Hello Muirgheal-
I have not found a *period* reference for Twa Corbies, music or lyrics.
>  The music Twa Corbies is most often set to in the SCA is from an old 
>  Saxon song (I think). 
Hmmm...I went into an antique store a few months ago and saw a toy my 
little sister had received as a present when she was 5 (She's 20 now).  
My question is, in the perspective of the person who told you "an old 
Saxon tune", what is OLD to them?  The Victorians referred to 18th 
century music as "OLD", and referred to 17th c music as "ANCIENT".
The tunes that I have heard were probably written long after the Battle 
of Hastings...and I don't know how influential the Saxon culture was 
after 1066.  Being a Norman :) may bias me a bit.

I also have a problem with calling the theme of Twa Corbies "period".  It 
differs greatly from the version we know is period (Three Ravens) in that 
the knight's hounds and hawks leave him, and his lady is with someone 
else...so the birds eat him.  In Three Ravens, hawks and hounds protect 
him and his pregnant lady carries him away and buries him, then dies.

Ick, that's morbid.

MKA K. Penney

Katherine Penney does not speak for Intel.

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