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Martin Hungerford jongleur at netcon.net.au
Wed Apr 23 16:30:03 PDT 1997

In one case at least (See Percy's "House Book of the Earls of 
Northumberland") there was a character referred to as "the King's 
Juggler". For England in the 14th C. it would appear there was a strict 
social structure in the performing arts. What I think of as a 'Bardic 
performance' (i.e. in which some-one receits poetry while some-one else 
harps) would rank at the top of that structure. Juggling, acrobatics, 
conjuroring and dance music playing were all lower ranked activities. 

I think much the same hierachy (sp?) applied in 12th C France, where we 
find Troubadors hiring jongleurs to perform their work and/or minstrels 
to accompiany them.

There are some sources, which if any one finds I'd love to see. In 
partic. there was a book produced in the 12-14th C called someting like 
"Advice to the Jongleur"  Does any one know of this?

Martin the Juggler OL

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