minstrel: Definition of Bardic

Ed Hopkins Ed.Hopkins at MCI.Com
Wed Apr 23 15:58:00 PDT 1997

Gregory bluntly suggested that if we eschew the generic definition
of "Bard", the beloved "Militant Society of Bards" could become...

> > Minstrels Sucking On Booze.
> > 
> > There are a few other words you could stick in for 'B'.

To which Eogan Aye MacLaren riposted,
> But then what about those of us who only drink iced tea?

Well, you see, we've broadened the meaning of "booze" to include
iced tea, because we need to have a generic word for "beverage".

-- Alfredo
Marry, the gods forfend!
I would not thy good deeds should from my lips
Pluck a bard sentence: prithee, valiant youth,
Deny't again.
                         -- Cymbeline
                            Act 5, Scene 5

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