minstrel: Ceilidh

Ed Hopkins Ed.Hopkins at MCI.Com
Wed Apr 23 10:09:00 PDT 1997

Eogan Og wrote:

> "Ceilidh" is actually the Gaelic term for "visit."  People would gather in
> someone's sheilan, or cottage, all sit around the fire in the middle of
> the room, and stay up late (sometimes until morning) sharing songs and
> stories.  Everyone would participate.  These people were not professional
> performers, just regular folk having a good time.
> This is probably the closest thing you'll find to a period bardic circle.

Regular folks, sitting around a fire, late at night, having a
good time sharing songs and stories?  Well, I guess if you really
stretch a point, you could _kind_of_ apply it to what we do in
the SCA...

It's _exactly_ the right word, unless that sheilan is an essential
part of the definition.  (I bet it isn't).  If it is, then let's
set up some cottages!

I just wish I knew how to pronounce it, and form the plural.

-- Alfredo

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