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Why would we define "bardic" as something at a "bardic circle"?  (I am not
trying to contridict you, I am mearly curious at your choice of definition.)

I would think that "bardic cirlces" are very UN-period, and simply a means
that we have come up with in the SCA to enjoy bardic, much like A&S
competitions are very UN-period, but a convience for us.

I would more define bardic, as activities that were used as preformances
during period.  (which would still, in my opinion, leave the choir out of the
realm of bardic).


I don't use the term "bardic" to refer to all music.  I heard the Known 
World Choir last Pennsic, and it was wonderful, but I don't really 
think of it as "bardic", because I just can't picture something like 
that at a bardic circle.


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