minstrel: Definition of Bardic

Muirgheal leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
Wed Apr 23 10:09:59 PDT 1997

>> I'm delighted that theater is finally establishing a strong place
>> for itself within the SCA. I don't, however, see why we should
>> expand the term bardic to be all inclusive just because we want to
>> see other performances as well. Let theater be theater. Let dance be
>> dance. If you need a term to refer to all the performing arts, then
>> just call them performing arts.
>Then why use the term "bardic" to refer to all music? There are other
>terms which don't carry as much baggage, and aren't as confusing. As
>we've seen from the recent discussion, some folks define "bardic" to
>not include many kinds of music... and actually I don't do anything
>"bardic", by their definition. Which is fine by me, I'm a minstrel
>when I'm performing.
>Gregory Blount

I don't use the term "bardic" to refer to all music.  I heard the Known 
World Choir last Pennsic, and it was wonderful, but I don't really 
think of it as "bardic", because I just can't picture something like 
that at a bardic circle.


Name: Lesley Anne Baker
E-mail: leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
04/23/97     10:09:59

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