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Muirgheal leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
Wed Apr 23 09:20:39 PDT 1997

>Most bardic competitions in Ansteorra are categorized into "Song, Story &
>Poetry" ... many of us are also trying to add new categories ... such as
>"Instrumental" and "Other".  The "Other" category, albiet broad, encompasses
>anything from juggling, to dramatic interpretation, to interpretive dance
>(any style - from the bellydance to the highland fling).  Should these
>things be included?  I don't know that "Bardic" is the appropriate umbrella,
>but right now it seems to be the only umbrella that fits.

The umbrella is performing arts. There is no need to expand the term bardic. 
Performing arts includes bardic, theater, dance, and any other form of 
entertainment. When people talk about bardic arts, they are usually refering 
to a more specific subset of performing arts - music, storytelling, and 

I have seen competitions open to any of the performing arts (although 
personally I don't like how much focus some people place on wanting 

I'm delighted that theater is finally establishing a strong place for itself 
within the SCA. I don't, however, see why we should expand the term bardic to 
be all inclusive just because we want to see other performances as well. Let 
theater be theater. Let dance be dance. If you need a term to refer to all the 
performing arts, then just call them performing arts.

This is of course, just my opinion.


Name: Lesley Anne Baker
E-mail: leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
04/23/97     09:20:39

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