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Rex Deaver rdeaver at cgro.com
Wed Apr 23 06:23:03 PDT 1997

At 04:56 PM 4/22/97 -0500, CAB wrote:

>Definition of Bardic? (Does this answer vary from kingdom to kingdom, or
>person to person?)

As Mikal's predecessor in Calontir;

We had the same kind of discussion several times.  The consensus appears to
be, at least here, that bardic includes vocal performances, and *can*
include instrumental ones.  There is a definite bias toward vocal, however.

Dance and drumming, except as in drumming to accompany a performer, are
*not* bardic.  Juggling, etc., are also not included.

There is also a distinct separation between vocal or instrumental
performances of strictly Period material, as in a choral group or ensemble,
and what is considered to be bardic.  There is a strong bias here toward
original material and folk material, ballads, etc.  Hope this helps with the
InterKingdom Anthropology. :)


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