minstrel: Definition of Bardic

trischia walker trischia at eagleut.com
Sun Apr 20 00:33:11 PDT 1997

CAB wrote:
> Bard - Someone who perfoms for an audience.

Sounds like a good definition to me - remembering that often an
"audience" consists of only one or several.
> Do things like juggling, bellydance, ect fall in with bardic? 
> Are the non-audio arts encouraged in other kingdoms and how so?  Is it a part of "Bardic" or separate?

In Artemisia, we have a competition every 6 months for "the Bard of
Artemisia" - and we get a varied turnout.  Many of the "audio" arts are
represented, but some of the most stunning entires often come from
jugglers and dancers.  They are as entertaining as the rest of us (often
more so), and what is the duty of the Bard if not to entertain &


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