minstrel: Bardic in the Known World Q

trischia walker trischia at eagleut.com
Sun Apr 20 00:27:22 PDT 1997

Wow - I'm sorry if you had a bad experience there - I've had a few
myself.  I attended the bardic at TYC as a relatively recent re-entry to
the SCA, and didn't know a single soul there, but they all were very
welcoming, even wrapped me up in their cloaks so I wouldn't freeze, and
told me repeatedly that if I wanted to contribute, they'd all love to
hear.  I truly hope that most people's experiences with Oertha (and
bardics in general) have the good fortune to be more like mine was.
Apologies for any damage done-
Criosaidh the Lark
Heather Rose Jones wrote:
> I'll come in with a dissenting voice here. While there are certainly a
> number of excellant bards in Oertha and a high level of bardic activity,
> I've found Oerthan bardic circles to be very "closed" in feel. I.e., if
> you aren't one of the regulars, or have one of the regulars promoting you,
> or are comfortable competing for attention in an atmosphere where getting
> heard necessarily means interrupting someone else, then chances are you
> aren't going to get to perform. I've never had a particularly good
> experience as a performer at an Oerthan-run bardic.
> Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn

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