minstrel: Re: Invitation to My Field

J. Michael Shew jshewkc at pei.edu
Tue Apr 22 18:44:35 PDT 1997

	As some of you may know, the Lilies War in Calontir is nearly on
us.  Please, take some time and see if you can visit a Fat Old Norseman in
the only war I can usually attend.  
	I will be camping with a small group of Ansteorran Friends, (the
Ravenship has offered to bring about fifty or so to support lil' ol Me.)
I want to sing with the voices that only come to me in this ethirical
text-based unreality.
	So, anybody free from June 13th to June 22nd?  Anybody wanna help
me force feed a small army some really good Ale Mead?  (As if I have to
try...)  Anybody wanna go Fyrewalk with me?
	Mikal Hrafspa 
    Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
__________________________(jshewkc at pei.edu)________________________________
Dread Jarl of the Vanir       in the storm wind victorious
By your grace this sea steed      treads pathways of silver. 
We honor with whispers     like the sound of wave song
Your wild waters     and fair wind words


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