minstrel: period music/period sounding music

E. Howard-Wroth ercil at astrid.upland.ca.us
Tue Apr 22 14:34:51 PDT 1997

> > I have read here lately about using this tune or that tune from
> > contemporary sources, and I'd like to ask, if I may, "why?"
> >
> > It seems to me that it would be more authentic, or at least more
> > authentically bardic in spirit to compose your own tunes if you
> > need one to fit your original lyrics, and writing a simple period
> > style tune isn't very hard - it would certainly sound better
> > than, say, a Beatles tune, wouldn't it?
> Please note that I only seek to explain _why_ some misguided people
> might set songs to modern melodies; I make no attempt to _defend_
> the abhorrent practice.
> -- Alfredo el Bufon, MSoB
> Elvegast, WH, Atl, SCA

I think a modicum of tolerance is needed.  There is
a place for sca-filk, post-period folk, and period
music in the Society.  It is the same kind of thing
when looking at someone's garb,  some is pure fantasy
round-table or copied from Errol Flynn's Robin Hood
(I know I always want to dress like Maid Marion...
don't you ;) -- such interesting fabrics) and on
to those who are more concerned with using period fabrics
or even weaving their own after they spin it... 
you get the idea.  The SCA has the gamit and a 
place for each one.

About Filk, although the modern tunes can be jarring
to some of us, filking was a period practice.
Some of them are quite entertaining, others are
equally bad.  Reminds me of today's filk.

May I suggest filking to period music as an option
and as a step in the re-creation direction?

There are others more qualified than I to comment
on this, Thoron, Finella....


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