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                      Definition of Bardic                         4/22/97

Okay how about another question to throw in.

In Ansteorra, we recently had a mini bard meeting at "Kings College" where we
were talking about the definition of bardic.  We kicked around a couple of
definitions and ended up with something pretty generic.  I don't remember the
exact definition we came up with, but it went along the lines of ...

Bard - Someone who perfoms for an audience.
(This would seem to include everything from storytellers, musicians, singers,
middle-eastern dancers, jugglers, jesters, ect)  We actually also discussed
whether the preformance had to be successful and determined that the audience
did not have to like it for it to be bardic (just to prevent "lynching"  = )

I have also heard several more limiting version that only includes "Audio
Preformances" ie not the dancers, jugglers, ect.

Criosaidh below includes middle eastern dancers in the list of bards.  I also
do belly dance, but I am not sure that I would call it "Bardic" per say.  On
the other hand, if we don't lump dancing and drumming in with Bardic, where
does it fit in the SCA context?

What do you think?

Definition of Bardic? (Does this answer vary from kingdom to kingdom, or
person to person?)

Do things like juggling, bellydance, ect fall in with bardic? (And I guess
from that question would those be appropriate topics for this list?)

I think that in general in Ansteorra (and I am sure I will be corrected if I
am wrong) that generally, if there is a bardic competition, that these
non-audio preforming arts are not included.  There are occasionally separate
competitions for things like Belly Dance, but I don`t remember ever seeing
anything formal for something like juggling.

Are the non-audio arts encouraged in other kingdoms and how so?  Is it a part
of "Bardic" or separate?


<big snip>

few "super-bards" who can be counted on at any gathering (a piper, a
storyteller, several middle-eastern dancers, and an incredible alto)

Just my pennies' worth-
Criosaidh the Lark


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