minstrel: Bardic in the Known World Q

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Sat Apr 19 23:53:04 PDT 1997

CAB wrote:> 
> What is bardic like in the different kingdoms?

Speaking only from Artemisian/Atenveldt experience-
I haven't really seen that many bardics myself, but those that do occur
seem to be very "important" - large attendance, competitive nature, etc.

> In the various kingdoms, how is bardic viewed?
> Do bards preform "all the time" at events? before court? during/before > most feast? lots of bardic circles? between rounds in a tourney? other > times, places?

usually only an occassional "special request" during a court, and often
during/after feast - never heard one with any relation to a tourney

> Who do you hear preform bardic (only the super bards, or everyone?)  

pretty much anyone is welcome/encouraged/mercilessly shoved forward (the
last being my personal experience at my first bardic), but there are a
few "super-bards" who can be counted on at any gathering (a piper, a
storyteller, several middle-eastern dancers, and an incredible alto)

Just my pennies' worth-
Criosaidh the Lark

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