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Kathy Lee kal35810 at Jetson.UH.EDU
Mon Apr 21 14:13:08 PDT 1997

>From what I have seen of Ansteorra, Bardic is hard to find.  This is not to
>say that we do not have FANTASTIC bards.  We have lots of super-talented
>people, but, we hardly ever hear them.  At events, the only time you hear
>bardic is occasionally at a feast, if you listen in on a chance bardic
>competition, or if there happens to find a bardic circle. (I probably event
>2-3/times a month, and I probably only see a bardic circle once every couple
>of months).
>L Crystal Berringer 

My lady,

If you are anywhere near the Stargate area, there is a monthly bardic
circle/class at Lord Ian's house.  It is open to all, and we are always
happy to see a new face.  As far as bardic being hard to find in Ansteorra,
I have to disagree with you.  The bards may not always be in the limelight,
but if you will look closely at most events, you will find us sitting around
campfires (I have yet to be at an event without a bardic circle - you just
have to look), singing to a fighter before his/her next round in the list,
or telling a story to a table of children in the feasthall.

Now please, don't get me wrong; I love it when we are in the limelight as
well - and we generally are at some point in any given event, but most
bardic performances are shared with smaller crowds than those you will find
in court or a feast hall.  Tip: the listmistress, waterbearers, troll and
chiurgens generally love to be entertained.  Or, if you are feeling brave,
offer to sing/play an instrument quietly behind the thrones during the day.
The kitchen staff also is a good audience.  So are the children.  At night,
if you can't find the circle, ask another bard where it is - or start your
own.  You will most likely soon draw a crowd.

The next kingdom event I will attend is Steppes Warlord, on Memorial Day
weekend.  Feel free to find me, and we'll wander the site together.  Or, if
you can tell me which group you are from, I will be happy to hook you up
with some other bards in your area.

Katerina Aretino (Kat)
Barony of the Stargate

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