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|As noted by Talen, one of the roles of a bard was to carry information in a
|form easily remembered by the carrier - lyric spoken and/or sung verse.  I
|would argue it would be well within the role of this "true" bard to update
|the song as events dictated, othewrwise incorrect information (if the song
|were referring to actual events) would/could be passed on.  One could find
|out that a person had been crowned by the fact they were referred to as
|"Their Maj/Highness King/Queen Someone" instead of "Baron Whoosie" in a
|song (for example).
|Now, does updating count as change?  Would one add to the song/peom under
|discussion, or simply modify the existing verses?  I'd be in favour of
|adding, since it then follows a history - but it could get _really_ long
|that way ... :)
Then add away.  To keep it memorable, performers will probably drop verses
- hopefully any that seem to be dull.  I am all in favor of historical
songs that add verses as history happens, and even of the inevitable
editing by the performer.  That, I would argue, is the difference between
a _true_ bard and one who merely wants to pontificate to his audience.

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