minstrel: Lark's Song, final (kinda long, sorry)

Laura McKinstry dalm at why.net
Sat Apr 19 11:41:23 PDT 1997

Again, thanks to all who provided me with information.  I haven't got
all the kingdoms in, but I ran out of bardic types that I'm real
familiar with, and the song is beginning to drag on a bit.  Therefor, if
you like the song and want a certain kingdom or bardic type in here,
feel free to add it yourself.  Please send me a copy if you can of any
verses you add - I'd love to see them.

And you don't have to sing every verse every time, of course.  If I DO
add more verses, I'm sure I'll pick and choose which verses I sing at
any given time - particularly if I'm in a certain kingdom and want to
make sure I sing their own verse.

As I said before, this goes to the tune of Billy Joel's "Downeaster
Alexa" from the "Stormfront" album, modified to sound more period.
Modification involves rhythm - don't swing it.  Example: period first
phrase rhythm is quarter, quarter, dotted quarter, eighth, quarter,
quarter, quarter, quarter half.  The first two stanzas are the verse
melody, and everything that starts "If you wander these kingdoms" is
chorus melody.

For those who would rather just get a MIDI of this so they can HEAR it,
it's free to you via private e-mail so as not to damage BJs copyright.
Just let me know and I'll attach the MIDI to my reply.

Use freely within the SCA (unless you're getting paid, then you have to
talk to me & maybe Billy.)  Please give me credit as the author of the
lyrics & I suppose Billy as inspiration for melody if possible (I get
nervous in front of crowds and forget sometimes, but we should always
credit our sources.)  Distribute freely, but make sure the copyright
remains attached (I know, but it's the law and widespread use could void
my ability to publish it at a future time. Strange world.)

Lark’s Song
copyright 1997 by Laura McKinstry
to the approximate tune of "Downeaster Alexa", Billy Joel
do not distribute without copyright line attached
Well I left my good friends of Freunlaven
in Trimaris a long time ago
now companions are more rare than shelter
and I’ll sing for a meal or some gold.

So if you wander these kingdoms a minstrel,
could you sing me a song of my home?
Do they meet ‘neath the trees of Darkwater,
and does Baldar the kingship yet own?

I was a minstrel in An Tir some time ago.
I sang them songs about the lands they did not know.
They gave me mead, and then they sent me on my way.
God keep them well, and could you send a friend my way,

and if you wander these kingdoms a minstrel,
could you sing us a song for An Tir,
where the rain feeds the streams in the mountains
and a song’s always met with good cheer.

I met a troubador from Outlands one fine day.
He wrote songs of love could break your heart in twain.
A noble fair, he would not sing them to a crowd,
but in a garden for his friends he’d sing out loud.

So if you wander these kingdoms a minstrel,
could you sing him a song of his home?
Does the desert yet bloom when the rain falls?
Do the Vikings still dream of sea foam?

A jongleur from Calontir joined m a while.
His songs and juggling always made the people smile.
At Pavels’ fire he could keep time with the best,
in song in dance, in slight of hand or just in jest.

If you wander these kingdoms a minstrel,
will you sing him a song of his home
where the camps always shelter the traveler
and the king call for huscarls alone.

In Ansteorra I’d the luck to meet a Skald.
His skill with kennings turned a phrase just like the Gods.
His poems were long, but time was fleet when they were told.
He knew the history of our land, and those of old,

and if you wander these kingdoms a minstrel
could you sing us a song of this land
Does the king have no fear of live steel?
Does Steppes warlord still draw caravans?

Laura McKinstry   aka Lark of Cire Freunlaven
Dallas, TX  Steppes, Ansteorra
           dalm at why.net
Verdant, a songbird rampant sinister Or
within an orle horny Or

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