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JP Andrews jpathomas at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 18 11:04:39 PDT 1997

>Lord Larkin O'Kane responded to:
>On Fri, 18 Apr 1997 01:45:50 -0500, Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald wrote:
>>I notice in the various versions of this song that have been posted here
>>over the last few days that some of the verses have change over the years.
>>A few have become more (politically Correct??).  So do we hold true to the
>>original versions or do we teach the newer versions of those verses?
>:Leave it up to the performer!
>The performer will perform the way they learned.  What Sir Burke is asking
>is "what should the TEACHER teach?".  I'm in favor of the original. 
>Besides, it goes against the fabric of a TRUE Bard to change something they
>pass on, as one of the roles of a Bard was to pass on oral tradition in a
>society that was basically illiterate.
>Just my two pfennigs worth.

First I'd like to hear the difination of the "TRUE Bard", I suspect it 
will be different than mine.

As to the question, I think the teacher teaches all of it, the original 
and the variations, along with some idea of when to do which. The well 
equiped performer has as much information as possable on all of his/her 
pieces, and can decide at the moment what is most acceptable/approprieate 
to the audiance.

JP Andrews
(Lord Thomas Bordeaux)
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