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Fiona P. bilby at matra.com.au
Fri Apr 18 20:15:13 PDT 1997

>>I notice in the various versions of this song that have been posted here
>>over the last few days that some of the verses have change over the years.
>>A few have become more (politically Correct??).  So do we hold true to the
>>original versions or do we teach the newer versions of those verses?
>The song in question is a SCA written song about Ansteorra, its people, ect.
>It seems that no one person has written more than a few verses, but I have
>seen about 12 verses total.
>How about updated?  in the song in question - one verse refers to a Prince of
>Ansteorra - should bards then change and refer to him as counts in later
>preformances as appropriate?
>In this particular song, there is not one single writer, so would "bardic
>licence" be more free in this one than one with a single author?
>The last poster (Talen) comments that it is against the nature of a "TRUE
>BARD" to change something.  I would personally disagree, I think it is in the
>nature of a "TRUE BARD" to improve upon anything they do.

As noted by Talen, one of the roles of a bard was to carry information in a
form easily remembered by the carrier - lyric spoken and/or sung verse.  I
would argue it would be well within the role of this "true" bard to update
the song as events dictated, othewrwise incorrect information (if the song
were referring to actual events) would/could be passed on.  One could find
out that a person had been crowned by the fact they were referred to as
"Their Maj/Highness King/Queen Someone" instead of "Baron Whoosie" in a
song (for example).

Now, does updating count as change?  Would one add to the song/peom under
discussion, or simply modify the existing verses?  I'd be in favour of
adding, since it then follows a history - but it could get _really_ long
that way ... :)

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