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My .02:

This is a topic which I have given much thought to as I am one of those
who routinely _change_ things for performance, often without even
realizing it.

I am probably biased because, as I mention, I frequently do change lyrics,
tunes, timing, keys, or anything else I need to for a performance.

When I do a performance of a song which I _know_ I have changed, or which
I _know_ has many versions, I try to mention that fact along with
referencing the author - to the best of my knowledge.

I personally will perform and/or pass on any version that I think is
appropriate of any song I know, unless I know that the author expressly
wishes otherwise.  (No, I am not meaning copyright infringement here -
although I disagree with the concept I am bound by the legalities of the
copyright system.)

It is a lot to keep track of, but I try to keep track of both the original
author and the source for any changes I know of.  And I almost always
caveat my entire performance with the fact that I change things.

For distribution, I keep the closest copy to the author's that I can find,
and if possible/necessary then I also keep a modified version.  For
instance, in Atlantia a version of Master Morric's _Belt and Chain_ is
popular which has been modified by (I think) Lady Julitta des Chevaux to
better fit the concepts of Atlantia.  I distribute words as modified by
her.  I am trying to get ahold of his original lyrics, so that I can know
what the changes are.  

In some parts of the knowne world, it is particularly difficult for new
bards to gather new material.  I have been in some, and am currently
blessed with a large collection of lyrics to which to put tunes.  I will
distribute anything that I can - and let the individual performer know as
much of the history of that tune as I can so that they can make this

On 18 Apr 1997, CAB wrote:
| Question
>8 Snippage here8<
|>I notice in the various versions of this song that have been posted here
|>over the last few days that some of the verses have change over the years.
|>A few have become more (politically Correct??).  So do we hold true to the
|>original versions or do we teach the newer versions of those verses?
|:Leave it up to the performer!
>8 Snippage here 8< 

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