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This is Kestrel, back to you again.  Thanks to everyone for the quick
response on the song, even if it was negative.  

However, one of you (Josh?) did give me a clue.  A Golden Vanity filk? 
Sounds like the SCA version of a vanity press.  Anyone have any idea how to
track THAT down?  By the way, I DO write letters and make phone calls, too,
so if a possible source isn't on-line, it's no big deal.

The reason I want to track the song is that I know Dayon the Poisoner and
I'd like to surprise him with it at bardic circle.  Although he had told me
the story, he didn't know the song existed until a young man with the SCA
name of Olaf the Ax told me about it.  It's a shame I don't know what
shire's bardic circle Olaf was attending when he heard it.  At least that
would narrow the search area.  Do you think I might have a chance by
questioning in the East?

A quick explanation about the different e-mail addresses.  I'm sending from
Colette's because "They" get upset at work if we send out too many personal
e-mails, but "They" don't get upset about incoming.  I'm receiving at work
so I don't have to set up an e-mail account at Colette's and I'll get it
faster (I spend enough time & money there, between the good food and the

Josh, you have to understand something about Welsh.  Once upon a time the
Welsh language was spelled like any other language.  Then the Irish invaded
and stole all their vowels.  Then the English invaded and, not seeing any
vowels, asked how the various placenames and such were spelled.  The Welsh,
not liking the English invaders any better than anyone else did, chuckled
into their sleeves, strung together as many letters as they could find, and
told the English that was how the language was spelled.  And THAT is why
written Welsh is the way it is!!

Shai Dorsai

Kestrel Windhawk/
Carol Johnson

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