minstrel: An Idea From Outside the Box

trischia walker trischia at
Mon Apr 14 02:35:53 PDT 1997

J. Michael Shew wrote:
>         A  Bardic Retreat, here in the center of the
> Kingdoms.  We have the opportunity to rent a local
> campground for a weekend, complete with all the
> needed buildings, etc.  
>         Myself, I am skeptical that it can be done.
> The bards who have brought up this idea to me are
> wondering if there is intrest in the greater Bardic
> community of the Knowne Worlde.  So I am asking all
> of you;  Would you be interested in traveling to
> such an event? 
>         Thanks:
>         Mikal Hrafspa
If this were to occur in a time / place that I could have even the most
remote possibility of attending, I would be there with bells on!
Shire of Gryphon's Lair

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