minstrel: Help Finding a Song (fwd)

Joshua Kronengold mneme at dorsai.org
Wed Apr 9 15:17:57 PDT 1997

mn13189 at wcuvax1.wcu.edu writes:
>Can anyone help this lady?
'Fraid I can't, as I've never heard of the song before now

>From: Colette's Internet Cafe #4 <cafe4 at coscafe.com>
(well, really, johnsonca at ul.com  -- telnet is a wonderful thing, and
more people should use it,  Ditto any future java mailreaders, coming
to a browser near you.)
>My name is Kestrel Windhawk, and I am looking for a very specific SCA
>history song.  It is the tale of Dayon the Poisoner who helped Atlantia
>defeat the East by poisoning the Eastern Army's wine (methyl blue).  The
>Atlantian king refused to pay and was himself poisoned, by his own hand
I can engage in a bit of not incredibly difficult guesswork, though,
and guess that the song in question was a Golden Vanity filk (not that
there have been any dearth of those, if not lately).

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