minstrel: Help me find a song!

Efenwealt Wystle efen at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 3 06:13:23 PST 1997

At the last Pennsic War, at the Barony of Windmasters' Hill encampment, we were 
having a Bardic Circle when a strange band stealthiy walked in. The leader had a 
guitar and all 8-10 of them wore glowing headbands. They sang a song which I 
have since learned is called "La Mantovana" by a composer named Zaneti. They 
sang it in italian and then did a satirical translation, something like "Fuji 
fuji fuji pasta spaghett... asta spumatne". Then they told us they would be 
singing in the marketplace the next day "in the language of your choice." I now 
regret that I couldn't go hear them perform. Does anyone know who these folks 
are? Or how I can get hold of these lyrics? Please post responses to me 
directly, as I don't actually subscribe to this list and only occaisionally 
browse through the archives.

Much obliged,
Lord Efenwealt Wystle                       efen at hotmail.com
Militant Society of Bards
Merchant, Mirth-Maker, Minstrel by trade, and a Fool in my
spare time (Funny, I seem to have an awful lot of spare time.)

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