minstrel: Monumental Brass Rubbings

Roberts, Julie jroberts at img.net
Sun Apr 6 16:36:32 PDT 1997

To those interested in Medieval history:
We have about 18 replica monumental brasses from British churches and are
able to make rubbings of these priceless treasures at little cost to you. 
Monumental brasses are brass plates, engraved with likenesses of Medieval
folk.  These brass plaates were set in stone slabs and placed in churches
and cathedrals as memorials as early as the 13th century until the 17th
century.  A popular pastime called "Brass Rubbing" came into existence
during the 17th century.  "Brass rubbing", simply means laying a sheet of
special paper on the "Monumental Brass" and rubbing the paper with treated
wax, until the likeness is reproduced on the paper.  
At the moment we are offering a special price on a rubbing of Knight, Sir
William Fitzralph, who died in Pebmarsh, Essex, England, in 1323.  Sir
William fought in many expeditions against the Scots and is shown wearing
armour of a transitional type, between chainmail and full plate armour. 
The rubbing is in three colours, with the surcoat red, the armour silver
and the rest of the knight in gold.  The extra strength paper is specially
manufactured for brass rubbing.  The rubbing can be mounted and framed or
used as a wall hanging and is a treasure for anyone who relishes history.
Our price for the unframed rubbing is just $18.00 U.S. plus $4.00 postage
and handling. The picture can be viewed at the following site.

The photo does not do the rubbing justice but gives you an idea.  The face
is very clear on the real thing.  If you are interested in this please
E-mail us at. jroberts at img.net  

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