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The Schedule is.... not going to be changed
anymore.  I'm norse (originally) and I've written
it in STONE (I think I can 3 days before the event)

--- below is a rubbing off of my 
stone schedule...  Of course I do know I'm in the SCA...
Suitable bribes might entice me rework my stone carving...

Bardic Collegium site opens 9am

Session I  - 10-11:25am
History of the Harp
Basic Bardic
What to do with a song once you find it
Self Publishing: Tapes and CD's
Poetry: lecture and Workshop

Session II - 11:30am-1:25pm
Beginning Harp
Celtic Mythology (might be cancelled)
Vocal Projection
Song Writing Workshop
>From Myth into Folklore

LUNCH:  1:30-2:50
Open Meeting of any and all interested in
organizational issues of Circle of Bards.

Session III - 3:00-4:25pm
Guitar Workshop
Beginning Recorder
Performance Class (Workshop)
Traditional Ballads
Voluspa: The Wise Woman's Prophecy

Session IV - 4:30-6pm
Beginning Dulcimer
Build a Better Ballad
Storytelling (might be cancelled)

Bardic Collegium site closes: 6:30pm
Bard's Dinner at revel site: 6:30pm
Revel site open for Sean and Elyramere's 
  potluck dessert goodbye Revel: 7pm
DESSERT! :         8pm
Bardic Circle (YEA!!!) : 8:30-11pm
Clean up 11pm
Revel site closes : Midnight

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