minstrel: Things bardic at Triatia war, and saying hello (fwd)

J. Michael Shew jshewkc at pei.edu
Sun Mar 30 17:56:37 PST 1997

	You asked about the Calontir Bardic College, (Guild,)?  Well
here's the short version:
	About the same time the Kingdom was set in motion, in the break
from Midrealm, the Bardic College was formed by Mistress Morgana, then one
of the most prolific and respected Bards in the infant Kingdom.  She set
up the college as a sort of guild with (later added) rankings for
performers and writers of stories, songs, and poetry.  The original Chief
Bard, (head of the College), Morgana tried to oversee the educational
needs of the fledgling group, and for about 10 years it ran smoothly.
	She was followed in the position by one of her students, and he in
turn passed it on to one of the few heads I knew well, (other than
Morgana), Dru.
	Dru had some problems mundanely and the college nearly died.  I
will not get into any of the history past that since I do not wish to
start another "let's dump on the Calontir College" run of messages as my
last commentary on this subject started.
	Today the college is recovering, with a few projects in the works,
such as the Kingdom History tape project, a Newsletter, (if the Chonicler
will get in touch!), and the Proposed Known world Annual (Maybe) Bardic
Symposium propsed for 1998.
	We are organizing on the concept of local cricles of bards who
meet regularly, and who report to me.  The circles then get information as
to Rush classes, (and are encouraged to teach as well!), and feed my
growing list of award reccomendations to the Crown.
	My position is appointed by the Crown and is subject only to the
Crowns' wishes as to whether I remain in the head chair or get relegated
back to the fun ranks.  I can appoint Deputies, (which I have chosen to be
the Circle heads.  Hey if they do that much work starting a local group,
they deserve a chance to be in that position!), and to oversee the
projects of the College, (which I also deputize the heads of.  I ain't
	Officially, we meet as a whole at four events yearly.  Both
Coronations,  Lilies, and Kris Kinder.  
	The Guild is open to anyone who wants to perform or compose,
although I still like to ask the new members to perform a piece using the
original requirements of Mistress Morgana; that you do not pass out, run
out of the room screaming, or wet yourself, unless the piece requires it.
	The guild is currently trying to reorganize after a very messy
fight over rankings and a nasty internal power struggle.  I refuse to
comment on either and have asked for a moratorium on disscussion of either
for at least a full year.  I don't fight.  I don't argue
	That's how it works
	Mikal Hrafspa    

    Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
__________________________(jshewkc at pei.edu)________________________________
Dread Jarl of the Vanir       in the storm wind victorious
By your grace this sea steed      treads pathways of silver. 
We honor with whispers     like the sound of wave song
Your wild waters     and fair wind words


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