minstrel: Bardic Colleges in different places

Melissa Anne Cope cope123 at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Sat Mar 29 20:23:40 PST 1997

> On Sat, 29 Mar 1997, Kathy Lee wrote:
> > What about in other kingdoms?  Anyone?

Trimaris doesn't have a "Bardic College" per se; what we have is PAGOT
(Performing Artists' Guild Of Trimaris.)  Like that of the Middle Kingdom,
our guild has minimalistic structure.  All it takes to be a member is...
PERFORM!  Anything.  The members can wear ribbons on their shoulder
corresponding to their area(s) of expertise - different colors designate
different skills, such as instrumental music, dancing, teaching, vocal
music, etc.  Some of us were grandfathered in, but all it takes to get a
ribbon is for people in the guild to agree you should get one.  We're
really more interested in getting people involved than making people jump
through hoops for awards.  After all, performers bring merriment, and the
merrier the better!

Two cents from Trimaris,


Melissa.  ska Ly. Riona Seosamhin bean Morric, vka Emma Eudocia, 
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