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On Sat, 29 Mar 1997, Kathy Lee wrote:

> What about in other kingdoms?  Anyone?

The Middle Kingdom used to have (actually still technically does, I
believe) a Bardic College, which atrophied due to size/distance issues
over a decade ago. (When I joined the SCA in 1985, it had not met in some
time, and hasn't met since). It had an elaborate set of rules for
advancement, procedures, ceremony, etc.  

Northshield has a Bardic College, which maintains a web site (with the
charter, etc) at www.minstrel.com.

Essentially, we've taken the approach of having minimalistic structure and
no ranking system. (I could go on at length about the philosophy of this).

The College has an elected Council which appoints a Speaker (and as of
last year, a Librarian, too).  Mostly their job is to encourage bardic
arts, generally, within the principality. 

The Council and Speaker can also hear appeals for inappropriate
performance or unjust criticism. (This is in the charter, however the
College was founded in AS 28 and we haven't yet had to do this -- and
aren't eager to do it often).

The College and its members sponsor bardic circles and challenges, and 
produce bardic publications (both privately and with the Principality

The College holds its annual meeting at the Northshield Bardic Madness

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