minstrel: An Idea From Outside the Box

William and Scianna Augustine Peregrine.Ent at worldnet.att.net
Mon Mar 24 19:47:23 PST 1997

I think the idea is wonderful, and I can see where a lot of good could
come from it. By starting now, we might be able to have a fantastic
event lined up for NEXT year, or the year after that. Issues:
	-- Vacation time for most of us is limited, and plans for this year
have already been made;
	-- Funds for almost everyone I know are limited, and this year's budget
is pretty much allocated;
	-- In order to be able to justify the time and expense, I'd want to be
able to go for more than a weekend -- and all the long weekends for 1997
have already been committed to other SCA events. The idea of tagging
this kind of event to one of the major wars (I'd add Great Western War
to that list) could be the best alternative.

All in all, then, this is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to attend
and support -- but it's too late for me this year. However, if you do
work it out as a local or regional event for '97, keep us posted. This
could become a "Knowne World" event in the future.

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