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Lily-Rose lilyrose at prickly-wombat.com
Mon Mar 24 06:26:08 PST 1997

On Sun, 23 Mar 1997, J. Michael Shew wrote:

> Would you be interested in traveling to
> such an event?  If you were, what type of classes,
> activities, etc. would you want?  What type of
> physical requirements would you have for the site?
> Who,  if any, of the more popular Bards who are
> known Society wide would you wish to meet?  Are
> there any specific contests or events you would want
> to have at such a "retreat?"  What price would seem
> reasonable to everyone?

Yes, I'd be interested; general performance and specifically storytelling 
classes, as well as general performance opportunities.  I'd appreciate it 
if the site were structured so that one could participate without walking 
miles and miles.  Don't know who I'd like to meet; not worried about 
contests or awards; price based on cost.  ;)

Viviana Rowe
lilyrose at prickly-wombat.com

I'll be post-feminist in a post-patriarchy.

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