minstrel: Re: Known World Bardic

Nicholson, Drew DNicholson at tasc-il.org
Mon Mar 24 06:10:14 PST 1997

I think that would be fantastic, honestly.  There are bards everywhere -- I
don't think that there would be hundreds and hundreds, but we might get a couple
hundred.  I'd go.  I know at least 5 people who would go with me.

It'd be cool.

"They say we are few.  They say we are the SCA's fringes.  Show them they are
wrong, and help us make rapier more visible then ever it has before.  Let's all
go out there and shame those who made this necessary!"    Don Giovanni of
"I believe that respect is like power.  It is something that is given freely and
cannot be taken or demanded." Anon.
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