minstrel: An Idea From Outside the Box

J. Michael Shew jshewkc at pei.edu
Sun Mar 23 11:19:15 PST 1997

	I have not been too active of late on this net.
However, I have an interesting idea that has been
brought up to me by several of the bards in
	A  Bardic Retreat, here in the center of the
Kingdoms.  We have the opportunity to rent a local
campground for a weekend, complete with all the
needed buildings, etc.  Depending on what we would
want, the cost would be reasonable per camper, (say
ten bucks or so.)
	Likewise the idea is to have classes during the
day, time to work with other performers, poets,
storytellers, etc.  Chances to hear and comment on
performances, times to socialize, and in the
evening, a chance to sharpen your Fyrewalking skills
at several pre-determined circles specializing in
various forms of entertainment.
	Likewise, the "patrons" of Bards, (those who
support the arts, but prefer to remain outside the
art itself,) would be welcome to camp, get to know
the bards of other areas, and hear the traditional
skills performed by the campers.
	Myself, I am skeptical that it can be done.
The bards who have brought up this idea to me are
wondering if there is intrest in the greater Bardic
community of the Knowne Worlde.  So I am asking all
of you;  Would you be interested in traveling to
such an event?  If you were, what type of classes,
activities, etc. would you want?  What type of
physical requirements would you have for the site?
Who,  if any, of the more popular Bards who are
known Society wide would you wish to meet?  Are
there any specific contests or events you would want
to have at such a "retreat?"  What price would seem
reasonable to everyone?
	The Bards associated with this project are
serious about it, and have already contacted several
sites to determine the best ones.  Moneys have been
collected for downpayments on the locations and
phisical requirements.  I assume they are talking
about the Kansas City area.
	Comments?  Anything I can tell them, like
"yeah, there is some intrest?"  Or perhaps "Forget
it, fellas.  Keep it small and perhaps in a few
	Mikal Hrafspa

    Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
__________________________(jshewkc at pei.edu)________________________________
Dread Jarl of the Vanir       in the storm wind victorious
By your grace this sea steed      treads pathways of silver. 
We honor with whispers     like the sound of wave song
Your wild waters     and fair wind words


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