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I've had some queries regarding this event. 
This is the announcment that will appear in
the April CP.  Please PLEASE take this to your
council meetings and pass it around and make
announcments.  We would love to have many 
many people in attendance!

(posted to Minstrel and SCA-Caid)

  Bardic Collegium
  April 5, 1997
  	Beckoning all bards, pray heed what has been planned 
 to tempt you!  The Circle of Bards and the Shire of Heatherwyne
 present the Bardic Collegium (V).  Alluring classes and experiences 
 await both the beginning and experienced bard.  Everyone is welcome!
 Classes, lunch, dinner, and the traditional inspirational Bardic Circle
 will be held!!! Come and enjoy the bardic arts!
 	More classes to come, but to whet your appetites, feast your
 eyes upon the following listing!  Guitar Workshop, Song Writing Workshop
 (bring a song in progress), Basic Bardic, Traditional Ballads, 
 Build a better Ballad, Performance (bring a piece ready to perform), 
 Vocal Projection, Beginning Recorder, History of the Harp, Voluspa: The 
 Wise Woman's Prophecy (a major poem form the Elder Edda reflecting much
 of norse mythology), From Myth into Folktale: The evolution of Theme, 
 Storytelling, Celtic Mythology, Beginning Harp (nylon string), Poetry for
 the SCA (lecture and workshop),  Beginning Lap Dulcimer, 
 Fyrewalking for Bards at War, and more await you at the Bardic Collegium.	
  April 5, 1997, Site opens at 9am, Classes begin 10am, Lunch Break 12noon, 
  Dinner 6:30pm, Bardic Circle 7:30-9pm, Clean up, Site Closes 10pm.	
  Site: First Baptist Church of Montclair, 5150 Palo Verde Street,
  Montclair CA.
 Directions: Take the I-10 freeway to Montclair (on the West edge of Ontario).
 Exit at Central Avenue in Montclair.  Turn South off the exit ramp onto Central
 Avenue.  Proceed (past K-mart) to Palo Verde Street and turn West (right).
 The First Baptist Church of Montclair will be approx 2 blks down on the 
 North (left) side of the Street.  Parking is in the back and so is the
 entrance to the rooms we will be using.  Registration will be in Room 3.  
 Look for the SCA signs.  There will be two other groups using other areas 
 of the church that day.  Please be especially nice, one is a senior citizen's
 Extra Amenities:  There is a  fenced in play area complete with swings
 and a playhouse.  An indoor nursery will be available.  Parents will
 need to supervise their own children.
 Extra activities: Lunch will be served for a modest fee, a bakesale and 
 a silent auction will be held.  Proceeds from the Bakesale and silent
 auction will benefit the building of a stage.  For more information
 contact THL Hyddyr ferch Caradoc, hyddyr at aol.com , Donations to the 
 bakesale and the silent auction are gratefully accepted!
 Site Fee: $6.00 (checks payable to: Kingdom of Caid, SCA Inc.).
 Dinner Fee: $8.00 - $10.00 approximately. 
 Autocrat: THL Astridhr Selr Leifsdottir, ercil at astrid.upland.ca.us
 	The Circle of Bards invites any and all interested in the bardic arts and/or
 interested in participating in the ongoing organization of bardic activities
 to an open meeting to take place on Saturday April 5, 1997 at the Bardic 
 	This meeting will be moderated by Master Sean Vuibhern and will take
 place during the lunch break.  Anyone wishing to be on the agenda for this
 meeting MUST contact Master Sean no later than April 2, 1997.  No business 
 for this meeting will be taken after this date, no exceptions.  Master Sean 
 may be reached at: JBROWNESV at aol.com 
 	1998 will be Bardic Collegium number six and Lady Astridhr is looking
 for a good site.  If your locality is interested in providing a site (and
a site autocrat) to host the 1998 Bardic Collegium, please contact her asap,
 (see the autocrat for contact info).

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