minstrel: The City Waites

Katherine Penney Katherine_Penney at ccm.jf.intel.com
Wed Mar 19 10:51:00 PST 1997

     Ciorstan says, re Pills to Purge Melancholy:
<<Just as the title says: hilarious, a rollicking performance and alas, 
sadly out of SCA period.>>

Weeeeelll....actually, Pills went through several mutations before it made 
it to its turn of the 18th c. version.

Several of the songs (and it would help if I could get a catalog of all 
the songs in pills, I have a "collection from") I can trace the tune, the 
lyrics, or both back to 1600 or before.

I'm not ready to "publish" findings yet, but IMHO there is still a saving 
throw left for Pills.


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