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Wed Mar 19 10:24:45 PST 1997

Melissa Anne Cope wrote:
> Good people:
> Are any of you familiar with the group The City Waites?  I believe they
> were around in the 1970's, and sang music from the 1200's to the 1700's.
> I have two of their albums; "A Gorgeous Gallery of Gallant Inventions" and
> "How the World Wags," and would love to find out if they've done anything
> else but even music stores can't help me.
> Needless to say, I highly recommend them to anyone on this list... they're
> one of the few groups that actually seem to be having _fun_ with what they
> sing!
> Thanks for you help!
> --M.
> Melissa.  ska Ly. Riona Seosamhin bean Morric, vka Emma Eudocia,

Um, yes... (cackle)...the one disc I have of theirs is an import
obtained from Rhino Records in West Los Angeles:

Thomas D'Urfey's Pills to Purge Melancholy, Lewd Songs and Low Ballads
from the 18th Century, the City Waits.  SayDisc CD-SDL-382, 1990.
There's a sticker on the back that says it was imported through 
Qualiton Imports, Ltd. in New York. You might try calling information in
New York to find Qualiton Imports-- but I'm told that once you get the
little serial number one can order anything if it's in print.

On the other hand, on the back of the disc it says: Saydisc Records,
Chipping Manor, THe Chipping, Wotton-under-edge, Glos. GL12 7AD. Why not
write them directly?

Just as the title says: hilarious, a rollicking performance and alas,
sadly out of SCA period.


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