minstrel: Gulf Wars Bardic -- Thank You!!!

Kathy Lee kal35810 at Jetson.UH.EDU
Tue Mar 18 21:04:30 PST 1997

The bardic circle at Gulf Wars this past weekend was a huge success.  We had
about 50 people attend in all; most came and went, but we had about a dozen
stay for the whole night.  A special thank you to Naill Dolphin (McFarland)
of Atlantia, Alden Pharamond of Ansteorra, Gerald of Stargate of Ansteorra,
Kayleb Durh of Ansteorra, Jean Francesca of Trimaris, and Frederick of
Holland of the Mists.  Without all of you, this circle would not have been
as memorable for the rest of us.  Thank you!

On another note, I am trying to get the address of the crown of Calontir and
the newest knight of that kingdom, Sir Andrew, who was knighted on the field
at the war.  His knighting on Saturday, and his assistance to me (at the
time I didn't realize who he was) on Sunday have inspired me.  I was taking
down my pavillion from the bardic circle on the list field early Sunday
morning, and was making enough noise that I must have woken him up.  Rather
than getting upset, he came and helped me lug everything back to the
Ansteorran camp.  I've written a song titled "Dedication", which he
inspired, and I'd like to send a copy to him and to his crown.

Lastly, a new "War Practice" is in the works between Ansteorra and the
Outlands.  Anyone interested in another interkingdom bardic circle???

-HL Katerina Aretino ("Kat")

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