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Linette de Gallardon said:

>Is anyone out there knowledgable about troubador & trouvere music?  I'm in
>the process of writing a song in that style, and I need feedback on the


>Linette de Gallardon

	I've been studying the Troubadours for a while now.  I'm not much of a musician so I can't help much directly but I may be able to point you to more information.  I think anyone making a study of the Troubadours should get a copy of 'A Handbook of the Troubadours' edited by F.R.P Akehurst and Judith M. Davis.  The book purports to be a "reference book and digest of the material known to every Troubadour specialist", and is written to be an aid to formal and self-taught students of the troubadours.  The book contains a chapter devoted to the music of the troubadours with several examples.  It is a very useful book with an extensive bibliography.  
	I would also reccomend the CDs "Songs of Chivalry" by the Martin Best Mediaeval Ensemble, and "Dante and the Troubadours" by Sequentia.  The Songs of Chivalry CD I would reccomend even if you are not interested in Troubadour studies as it is teriffic music.  More detailed information follows.  I hope this helps.

Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep
Kingdom of Ansteorra

Songs of Chivalry
Martin Best Mediaeval Ensemble
Nimbys Records Limited
NI 5006

Dante and the Troubadours
1995 BMG music

A Handbook of the Troubadours
edited by F.R.P. Akehurst and Judith M. Davis
University of California Press
Berkeley and Los Angeles, California  1995
ISBN 0-520-07976-0

	You can get this on Inter-Library Loan, but it is still in print in Trade Paper for only $22.50 If you are at all serious about this you will want to have your own copy to refer to again and again.    

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