minstrel: Re: performing at feast

Edwin Hewitt brogoose at pe.net
Wed Mar 12 21:28:55 PST 1997

One of the aspects of running a feast is managing it so that the bardic will
be heard, and the food will be eaten, and the chit-chat will be chatted -
but not at the same time.  This is actually easiest at a formal feast when
you have a Comptroller or Magister Ludi (master of ceremonies).  At simpler
feasts, the herald or host can still guide the activities so that they don't
compete with each other.

At Dreiburgen Yule, we had some rather elaborate and complicated
entertainments including period puppet shows during the removes.  Each
remove was preceded by a procession:  the fowl course was preceded by a
Peacock procession, and the pork course was preceded by the Boar's head.
The addition of ceremony made all the different aspects of the feast stand
out.  We didn't have any trouble with people talking during songs nor poetry
readings - even when the presenters were quiet.


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