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Robin Hayes rhayes at powerup.com.au
Thu Mar 13 13:43:25 PST 1997

At 15:11 12/03/97 -0800, Heather Rose Jones wrote:

>Ok, if I may be the pedantic semanticist for a moment (which I _am_, in
>real life) lets look at the three words we've got here: the verbs "to
>critique", "to criticize", and the noun "criticism". 
>This semantics minute has been brought to you by:
>Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn
>and the U.C. Berkeley Linguistics Department

Thank you. It was about time for somebody to do it. I would have done it my
self (also being somewhat of a pedant where words are concerned - including
spelling), but fortunately for us all, I was away.... :-)

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