minstrel: Performing in Feast Halls

E. Howard-Wroth ercil at astrid.upland.ca.us
Wed Mar 12 14:02:54 PST 1997

> 'Bard's Fire'?  A publication?
> Sian verch Gruffydd
> (a *very* new 'shadow' bard)

Bard's Fire a publication that has only about 65 pages of bardic 
material (two issues).   I am working on a new one, but I have
two kingdom issues of Word-Fame to do (another publication) and
one is as a memorial to a Landed Baron who died, so it is more
coordination than usual.

I will be reprinting the first two as they have completely
sold out.  (I'll send you one Yaakov, but you have to send me
your new address).

All the best,

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