minstrel: help for a frustrated beginner

Monica Cellio mjc at telerama.lm.com
Wed Mar 12 11:02:17 PST 1997

Unfortunately, camping events seem to be more conducive to bardic
circles than one-day indoor events, and the East has more of the latter
than the former.  But don't lose heart; camping season is almost upon

Sometimes smaller ("less action-packed") events have bardic circles.
It can be hard to schedule a multi-hour bardic circle at an event with
a big tourney or lots of classes if the event is just one day.

Locally (Debatable Lands, AEthelmearc), we don't have many bardic circles 
at events, but there are bardic circles during the week.  (One of our
cantons is holding one twice a month currently.)  You might look for
something like that locally.

If you're uncomfortable organizing a circle at an event yourself,
perhaps you could approach one of the performers you respect and asking
that person to organize one (or to help you organize one).  Mostly
what a bardic circle needs is an enthusiastic person to make it happen,
in my experience.

Good luck!

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