minstrel: help for a frustrated beginner

Muirgheal leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
Tue Mar 11 12:35:34 PST 1997

I started in the SCA in Calontir, where no event would be complete
without a bardic circle and most of the bardic circles lasted half the
night and ranged freely from professional-quality performance pieces
to songs everyone knew and could join in on. I now live in the East
and in three years of going to Eastern events, I've only seen one
attempt at having a bardic circle, and it fizzled out in about a half
hour for lack of participants. (I know the East has bards. I've heard
several of them, including some very good ones, at bardic
competitions. They just don't seem to do bardic circles, or else they
are very well hidden.)

I am a self-taught (i.e. untaught) beginner with no one to practice
with, and I don't feel comfortable with having my first attempt at
performing in front of anyone (other than my cat) to be in a
competition. But without any bardic circles where I could start in a
more informal setting, how do I start? Any suggestions?

   Muirgheal Mag Raith
   (Barony of Dragonship Haven, East)

Name: Lesley Anne Baker
E-mail: leslyann at voyager.snetnsa.com
03/11/97     12:35:34

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